The red trains of the Bernina Express

Rhaetian Railway


Enjoy the thrill of one of the most spectacular routes in the entire Alps: the Albula/Bernina line connecting north and south Europe. The panoramic carriages of the Bernina Express offer a unique experience, from glaciers to palms.

The most enthralling way to discover the Alps – the Bernina Express, the highest railway in the Alps, which runs from the palms of Italy up to sparkling glaciers of the high mountains: it connects north and south Europe and is nothing short of spectacular. The railway runs harmoniously through the magnificent mountain landscape, with 55 tunnels, 196 viaducts and gradients of up to 7% that the red train nonchalantly overcomes (without using a rack) up to the Ospizio Bernina at 2,253 metres above sea level.

Nature and culture come together here as one to create one of the most fascinating voyages of discovery in the Alps! The stretch between Thusis and Tirano is now a UNESCO World Heritage site – a sure mark of quality.

Services for bikers

The new trend: whizz along the five kilometres from Arosa to Litzirüti by scooter and in one go discover the whole Swiss Grand Canyon by E-bike, starting from Thusis or Ilanz. Or tackle the top mountain bike challenge of the Bernina pass.


graubündenPASS Bike. The new version, specially created for mountain bikers and cyclists, offers transportation of bikes and is based on the graubündenPASS:


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