Giro del Monte Foscagno

Giro del Monte Foscagno

Angelina - Foscagno

From the Lake of Foscagno in the village of Angelina, take path N186 that is initially descends, lined by walls down, to the Foscagno hut then continues along the road that runs through the Foscagno Valley past the occasional isolated house. At Pian dell'Acqua bear left along the flat road N195 Decauville connecting Arnoga to Cancano.

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After passing the village of Gattonino, the bridleway N196 climbs to Val Vezzola. Having crossed the valley you come to a fork and bear right on path N130 towards the Malga di Trela, where you can stop to sample the local Valtellina cuisine. Continue on path N136 to the Passo Val Trela and go down to the Tea de Pi'la at Trepalle. This part of the trail is also called the smugglers' route, and was used in the past to transport contraband coffee and tobacco. Follow trails N127 and N129 over Monte Roccia and return to the Foscagno Pass.Foscagno PassThis is the only road access from Italy to Livigno dutyfree zones, and the Guardia di Finanza Italian Finance Police has a permanent presence there. The road was built before the First World War for military reasons and only since the 1950s has it been open in winter.

  • Start at Fermata1
  • Go east on Sentiero n° N186
  • Arrive at Fermata2, on the right
  • Depart Fermata2
  • Continue northeast on Sentiero n° N186
  • Turn right at Carrareccia to stay on Sentiero n° N186
  • Bear left at Carrareccia to stay on Sentiero n° N186
  • Bear left on Sentiero n° N195
  • Turn right on Carrareccia
  • Arrive at Fermata3, on the left
  • Depart Fermata3
  • Go back northwest on Carrareccia
  • Turn left on Sentiero
  • Turn left on Carrareccia
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N196.1
  • Make sharp left on Sentiero n° N196
  • Arrive at Fermata4, on the left
  • Depart Fermata4
  • Go south on Sentiero n° N196
  • Turn right on Sentiero n° N130.1
  • Turn right at Carrareccia to stay on Sentiero n° N130.1
  • Arrive at Fermata5, on the right
  • Depart Fermata5
  • Continue northwest on Sentiero n° N130.1
  • Turn right on Sentiero n° N130
  • Turn left on Sentiero n° N136
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N127
  • Arrive at Fermata6, on the right
  • Depart Fermata6
  • Continue south on Sentiero n° N127
  • Continue on VIA ARNEIRA TREPALLE - Sentiero n° N127
  • Bear left on Sentiero n° N129
  • Arrive at Fermata7
  • Depart Fermata7
  • Go south on Sentiero
  • Turn left on Strada Statale del Foscagno - Sentiero n° N186
  • Finish at Fermata8, on the right
Ground statistics
Natural : 96%
Asphalt : 4%

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