Valle del Gallo

Valle del Gallo

Passo di Fraele - Ponte del Gallo

The tour starts from the parking area near the Church of San Giacomo di Fraele at Cancano in Valdidentro and follows path N199. You soon reach Passo di Fraele, the watershed between the basin of the Adda and the SpolInnDanube rivers. The trail descends for about 1 km, arriving at a fork. Take the lefthand path through the Val Bruna, crossing a bridge and then descending the valley to Grasso di Pra' Grata.

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This is one of the most spectacular spots in the area, both for its solitude and its morphology a vast valley floor of calcareous pebbles that recall the Apennines, with the steep almost forgotten cliffs of Piz Murtarol and the node of the Cassa del Ferro. Further along path N182 you soon arrive at Ponte del Gallo. This area forms part of the Stelvio National Park and it is not uncommon to see grazing deer.Deer: the king of our forests Today a popular and widespread animal in Alta Valtellina, the deer was practically unknown here at the beginning of the last century. The first local people to meet one described it as a 'huge monster.' The last census in the Stelvio National Park estimated some 1,500 head of deer.

  • Start at Fermata1
  • Go northwest on Sentiero n° N199 toward Sentiero n° N182
  • Turn right on Carrareccia
  • Arrive at Fermata2, on the left
  • Depart Fermata2
  • Continue north on Carrareccia
  • Bear left on Carrozzabile
  • Continue on Sentiero
  • Bear left on Pista forestale
  • Turn right on Sentiero n° N182
  • Finish at Fermata3, on the left
Ground statistics
Natural : 100%

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