Val Tort

Val Tort

Parcheggio P4 Latteria - Boche'ta de Tre'la

Start from the Livigno Dairy P4, then continue along bridleway N138, near the Pont da li Ca'bra, and take the left fork onto path N136. The trail narrows and climbs, entering the Bosc'ch da la Pre'sa then climbing slightly to Gras da li Vaca. From this point it runs along the rocky right bank of the Tort stream, passing the ominous Val de la Mort to the first houses of the village of Trepalle in Scte'fan.

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From here, take the left-hand path N136 to Bait de Pila. A little further on, by La Ghe'rfa, is a junction with path N129 from Arneira. Another easy uphill stretch brings you to Boche'ta de Tre'la. Continue on path N136 to Alpe Trela, where refreshmensts are available.Val Tort A narrow valley linking Livigno with Trepalle on a recently completed path of outstanding natural beauty, featuring rare plants, animals and minerals. Ideal for mountain biking enthusiasts.

  • Start at Fermata1
  • Go northeast on Sentiero n° N138- Via Restel toward Pista CicloPedonale
  • Bear right on Sentiero n° N136
  • Arrive at Fermata2, on the left
  • Depart Fermata2
  • Go southeast on Sentiero n° N136
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N137 - N136
  • Bear right on Sentiero n° N136
  • Arrive at Fermata3, on the left
  • Depart Fermata3
  • Go southeast on Sentiero n° N136
  • Bear left on Sentiero n° N130 - N136
  • Finish at Fermata4, on the left
Ground statistics
Natural : 100%

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