Val Fedari'a

Val Fedari'a

Pla'za Plache'da - Chese'ira da Fedari'a

Starting from Plaza Placheda, take the paved bridleway along path N157 up to Te'a dal Pe'l. Continue uphill on the dirt track of the Carosello 3000 to the intermediate lift station.. From here, leave the forest and climb through the extensive pastures on a bridleway (suitable for mountain bikes) to reach the Carosello 3000 refuge at 2,722 metres above sea level.

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Descend past Al Laghe't and continue along bridleway N162 which intersects with path N163. Take the latter and traverse down the slope to Chese'ira da Fedari'a. Plaza Plache'da Translated from the local dialect this means "covered square." It is a large, multipurpose facility for hosting sporting events, exhibitions and conferences, with a room holding 700 persons, equipped with bars, kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, a conference room, and an APT Livigno tourist information point.

  • Start at Fermata1
  • Go west on Via Te'a del Pe'l toward Strada senza nome
  • Bear right on Sentiero n° N192- Via Te'a del Pe'l
  • Turn right on Sentiero n° N190- Via Te'a del Pe'l
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N157- Via Te'a del Pe'l
  • Bear left on Sentiero n° N157
  • Arrive at Fermata2, on the left
  • Depart Fermata2
  • Continue west on Sentiero n° N157
  • Bear left at Sentiero n° N159 to stay on Sentiero n° N157
  • Arrive at Fermata3, on the left
  • Depart Fermata3
  • Go southwest on Sentiero n° N157
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N157 - N162
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N162
  • Arrive at Fermata4, on the left
  • Depart Fermata4
  • Continue west on Sentiero n° N162
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N162 - N163
  • Make sharp right on Sentiero n° N163
  • Arrive at Fermata5, on the right
  • Depart Fermata5
  • Go north on Sentiero n° N163
  • Turn right on Sentiero n° N167
  • Finish at Fermata6, on the left
Ground statistics
Natural : 100%

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