Passo del Foscagno, Alpe Trela

Passo del Foscagno, Alpe Trela

Passo Foscagno - Passo Foscagno

There are many possibilities to choose as many routes linking the territories of Livigno and Valdidentro through valleys and over passes on wonderful, well-known and popular tracks. Almost all of these round routes can be ridden in the opposite direction too. In this case we ride around Dosso Resaccio and Monte Rocca clockwise.

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The route we describe here climbs up to three passes on nice panoramic trails allowing to range over the mountains around the hamlet of Trepalle, up to Bormio and the sever Cima Piazzi with the eyes. The corresponding descents are pure amusement in complete safety and relax.You start from Passo Foscagno (2291 m) and head for Livigno not following the highway, but the nice single trail n. 129 which descends to Campec, at the beginning of the hamlet of Trepalle (2064 m), then turns right around the slopes of Monte Rocca always above the tree line (sign Way n. 127), passes past Tea de Pila (2063 m) and leads to the route coming up from Val Pila towards southeast (sign Way n. 136). You get to the Passo di Val Trela (2295 m) always on a trail and with rather toil. The quick downhill leads you to the enchanting Alpe Trela (2165 m) where you can have a pit stop at the same-name agriturismo before starting the next regular but challenging 200 m climb (sign Way n. 196) that takes you to Bocchetta di Trela (2349 m). Then you proceed downhill riding on one of the many tracks all leading to the marvellous Pian Vezzola, whence an easy dirt road begins before the first big house at 2200 meters above sea level. The road gets to Alpe Vezzola (2090 m) in short time and cuts across the alternative route on the right (sign Way n. 130.1) that comes from Alpe Trela through Val Corta and Val Vezzola. At Alpe Vezzola you turn right (sign Way n. 196.1) and begin descending, you cross a small valley, ride on a short uphill stretch and then you begin the crossing on the west trail running deep into a beautiful forest at considerable height. Once you get out of the trees the last climb is waiting for you (sign Way n. 186) and will take you to the highway in a place called Angelina and then to the Passo Foscagno.

  • Start at Fermata1
  • Go north on Strada Statale del Foscagno - SS301 toward Carrareccia
  • Turn right on Carrareccia and immediately turn left on Sentiero n° N129
  • Bear right on VIA ARNEIRA TREPALLE - Sentiero n° N127
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N127
  • Arrive at Fermata2, on the right
  • Depart Fermata2
  • Go east on Sentiero n° N127
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N136
  • Bear left on Sentiero n° N130 - N136
  • Bear left on Sentiero n° N130
  • Bear right on Sentiero n° N196
  • Arrive at Fermata3, on the left
  • Depart Fermata3
  • Go south on Sentiero n° N196
  • Make sharp right on Sentiero n° N196.1
  • Bear right at Carrareccia to stay on Sentiero n° N196.1
  • Arrive at Fermata4, on the right
  • Depart Fermata4
  • Go west on Sentiero n° N196.1
  • Continue on Sentiero n° N186
  • Bear right at Carrareccia to stay on Sentiero n° N186
  • Turn left at Carrareccia to stay on Sentiero n° N186
  • Arrive at Fermata5, on the left
  • Depart Fermata5
  • Continue west on Sentiero n° N186
  • Turn right on Strada Statale del Foscagno - Sentiero n° N186
  • Finish at Fermata6, on the right
Ground statistics
Natural : 93%
Asphalt : 7%

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