La Romantica del Passo Gavia

La Romantica del Passo Gavia

Rifugio Berni - Santa Caterina

We are at the top of the famous climb to Passo Gavia. From here on we descend north on the trail along the orographic right side heading straight for Santa Caterina Valfurva. Before starting your ride you can have a walk to the near and evocative Lago Bianco and let your eyes rest on the East, where the peaks of San Matteo and of Tresero stand out.

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On the first long sideway after the beginning of the descent, the sometimes bumpy ground makes the route very challenging and can force you to carry your mountain bike for some stretches or to ford some brooks. The panorama of the OrtlesCevedale group progressively emerges in front of you, while leaving the rocky crack and the detritus of the Pass behind. From Dosso Tresero down to Santa Caterina technique and concentration are required in order to overcome the many narrow switchbacks through the forest. Underneath Rifugio Berni Val di Gavia 2540 m you ride east downhill on a dirt road, you cross the bridge and turn to the left sign Way n. 525. Here the long trail begins, which takes you to the valley bottom on the orographic right side with many ups and downs. Quite soon you have to cross the marvellous bridge of stone on Rio Dosegu' and then you continue along Gavia creek. So, after going past the Baita dei Pastori, you find yourself in front of a diversion 2430 m: the route n. 556 on the left heads straight downhill for the Ponte delle Vacche and to Santa Caterina, while you proceed north along the middle edge of the mountain on the route n. 525 towards the relay tower and reach Dosso Tresero 2356 m. Here you find the sign with the name of the route La Romantica together with a comfortable wooden bench to admire the marvellous panorama over the whole Valfurva as well as the indication for the descent to Santa Caterina following the steep trail n. 561 through the forest. The easier alternative way runs south for 3.6 km towards Alpe Tresero and leads you to the Ponte delle Vacche 2012 m and to the Gavia country road SP 29 on the abovementioned route n. 556.

  • Start at Fermata1
  • Go southwest on s.p. del passo del Gavia - SP29 toward s.p. del passo del Gavia - Sentiero n° S525 / Sentiero n° S525
  • Make sharp left on Sentiero n° S525
  • Arrive at Fermata2, on the left
  • Depart Fermata2
  • Go north on Sentiero n° S525
  • Bear right on Sentiero n° S561 - S525
  • Turn left on Sentiero n° S561
  • Arrive at Fermata3, on the right
  • Depart Fermata3
  • Go northwest on Sentiero n° S561
  • Make sharp left on Carrareccia
  • Continue on Pista da fondo - Sentiero n° S558
  • Turn left on Pista da fondo - Sentiero n° S557
  • Bear right on Pista da fondo
  • Turn right on Carrareccia
  • Bear right to stay on Carrareccia
  • Continue on Pista da fondo
  • Continue on Carrareccia
  • Bear left on Pista da fondo
  • Continue on Carrareccia
  • Turn right on Pista CicloPedonale
  • Turn left on VIA FORNI - Sentiero n° S566
  • Turn left on PIAZZA MAGLIAVACA - Sentiero n° S522
  • Continue on VIA PONTE VECCHIO - Sentiero n° S522
  • Turn left on VIA MAGLIAGA
  • Finish at Fermata4, on the right
Ground statistics
Natural : 97%
Asphalt : 3%

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