While it is raining, snowing and storming in the north, it is often sunny in this sunny mountain valley of the Grisons and invites locals and tourists to go out for hikes and excursions or to take a refreshing rest on one of the numerous terraces.

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In geographical terms the steep valley goes from the Bernina Pass to Tirano at Valtellina (I). Flora and fauna are species-rich, from alpine to sub-Mediterranean: From larches and Swiss stone pines to chestnuts and grape-vines, from eagle, chamois and ibex to water-bunting, kingfisher, deer and roe. Valposchiavo is settled by villages, small hamlets, farms and mountain pasture cottages, the river Poschiavino flows across the valley and leads to the Lake of Poschiavo. The Rhaetian Railway winds along the side slopes of the valley and belongs to the UNESCO world heritage such as the landscape.

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