Sondrio is the administrative centre and the heart of the Valtellina; the city rises exactly in the middle of the valley at the access of the Valmalenco.

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Surrounded by terraced vineyards, Sondrio offers at first sight impressive views as the church of Sassella, the Masegra Castle, the cloister of San Lorenzo and the Scarpatetti quarter in the historical centre. Administrative, economic and commercial centre, with its 24000 residents, Sondrio is the biggest city of the valley.
Its surroundings are marked by a strong presence of apple orchards and vineyards; Ponte in Valtellina and Chiuro are two remarkable villages in this area.
The Bernina peak with its 4021 m dominates the Valmalenco which is a renowned ski area in winter and a well known destination for hikers in summer, thanks to its numerous mountains huts.

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