Welcome to the Alta Rezia, a unique and unforgettable land

Welcome to the heart of Europe, welcome to the heart of the Alps, welcome to the Alta Rezia

Benvenuti nel cuore d’Europa, benvenuti nel cuore delle Alpi, benvenuti in Alta Rezia.

Experiencing the Alta Rezia means immersing yourself in the thousand hues of this beautiful Alpine region. The green mountains, the white snow and glaciers, or the blue of the water that runs into the many lakes of the Engadine, the Alta Valtellina and the Val Poschiavo.

The golden sun that illuminates the breathtaking views, the brown of the wood, that ancient and vital resource of the earth and an eternal symbol of the bond between humans and the environment, or the famous red Bernina train that climbs from an altitude of 450 metres at Tirano to more than 2,200 metres at the pass, through enchanted unspoilt valleys. Getting to know the Alta Rezia is an adventure that deserves to be taken slowly, letting yourself be guided by instinct, discovering a region that is lively and charming, rich in nuances and the outcome of millennia of history.

The worlds on the different sides of the Alps may too differ, but they are bound by centuries of deep-lying relationships and the typical values of mountain people: respect for nature and a fierce defence of their freedom and traditions.

Solidarity, sobriety, tenacity; but also home, family and land enrich this world-view.

To all this can now be added the awareness of living in a paradise marked by nature and serenity, something that everyone can discover and appreciate.


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