Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn


Many are unique. This is the one and only.
Either – or. You can’t have it all!
We have something different: inspirational tranquillity, dreamy landscapes, and the most beautiful moments in the unparalleled Swiss National Park.
Unspoilt nature, mystical valleys and masses of space. To while away time, to liberate the heart and to find peace of mind! Welcome to the one and only hotel in the National Park!

Holiday in the park. Tranquillity in style.
Rooms with the best views – and interiors with real style: local Bündner pine and larch wood determine the ambiance. Comfortable double rooms with new baths/showers, charming simple pine rooms – whether comfortable or pure and simple, a cosy atmosphere is to be found everywhere in our hotel.

Move on to loin of venison...
... and we don’t just mean during the hunting season! We serve our well-known classics throughout the season: game specialities à la Il Fuorn. Or how about fresh trout or a portion of capuns? – Look forward to traditional cuisine, Bündner specialities and the cosy atmosphere in our Arvenstübli of course.

Never mind the telly. Get the binoculars out.
Binoculars are the order of the day here! There is of course a huge amount to see in the National Park: herds of deer, ibexes and chamois, marmots, golden eagles and bearded vultures – and sometimes even a bear. Watch all of this live and without any subtitles. You can even get a running commentary from a National Park gamekeeper

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Gestore: Sonja Cazin
Il Fuorn
7530 - Zernez - (CH)
T. +41 081 856 1226
F. +41 081 856 1801

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